Our Strengths

Our Strengths

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Long-term Warranty

Anfyco provides 6 months warranty for all users, when there is a problem with the goods, please contact the customer service centre in time, Anfyco will use the fastest time to solve the problem for you.

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High Quality

The products sold by Anfyco are strictly controlled by high quality. Anfyco only sells A+ grade products.

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Diversified Products

Anfyco is now mainly for the Southeast Asian and Indian markets, and can provide more than 200 different types of medium-size LCD screens.

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Competitive Price

Anfyco has its own factory. Always maintain a high cost performance, high quality better than other suppliers.

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Fast Delivery

Anfyco produces an average of 50,000 pieces of medium-size LCD screens per day. Can meet the orders of most dealers, if there is an urgent order, please inform us in advance, Anfyco can expedite your completion within 2-3 days.

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The product is physically damaged due to human factors during the warranty period, and Anfyco can carry out secondary recycling according to the concept of recycling and reuse. (Note: According to the degree of damage, whether to recycle).

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Customized Packaging

Anfyco currently only accepts product customization in outer packaging, please contact anfyco customer service center through the official website /email/Whatsapp/telephone, etc. for specific customized patterns.